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Jimmy's Encounter

The sky was clear blue. Not a single cloud. The mild breeze was hot, making
the boys work hard as they peddled their bikes along the dirt road that
paralleled the river. They had ridden nearly three miles from town to this
quiet rural area. The road veered away from the river, so the boys steered
onto a dirt track that continued along the river for another three hundred
yards through trees and meadow to a small clearing in the forest that gave
them easy access to the river.

The river itself was about 50 yards wide and only about 3 to 4 feet deep at
the deepest points at this time of year, though typically it averaged only
a couple of feet deep as it crossed the flat prairie land. The sandy bottom
made it an easy river to use for recreational purposes. The trees that grew
along the bank were large and provided ample shade. The low-hanging
branches made for a perfect place for kids to climb and to hang from.

The four friends�Artie, Max, John and Jimmy�propped their bikes against the
trees and quickly stripped down to their underwear before running out into
the cool water. It was truly paradise to jump into the refreshing water
after their long, hot trek. Artie and Max were 11-year-old twin brothers,
though they looked very different. Max was slim while his twin brother was
fairly stocky. John was the twins' 13-year-old cousin, a bit taller than
the twins, and a bit more mature looking. John was into sports, and it
showed in his physique. The family resemblance among the three was not
immediately obvious. But in the boys' mannerisms, one could see a glimmer
of a family connection. And Jimmy was the new kid in town. His family had
moved to the area only two months earlier. In fact, they arrived on Jimmy's
12th birthday. He was a fairly skinny boy, with longish sandy hair. He was
a popular kid at school, with his good looks and a very outgoing manner.

While the other boys ran screaming into the river, splashing and carrying
on, Jimmy walked more slowly, moving carefully into deeper water. He had
never learned to swim, but he loved the feel of it over his body. He
watched as the rising water started to engulf his thin cotton briefs. He
loved the sensation when the cool water first touched his crotch, exciting
his young manhood. He turned again and walked back toward shallower water
and was delighted to see that his excited cock had formed a tent in the
now-see-through material. Quickly he plunged himself back down to
waist-deep water so that the other boys would not see that he had sprung a

The other boys also wore similar thin cotton briefs that immediately became
see-through when wet. But they didn't seem to care who saw what. They
played and ran around carefree even though their little boy privates were
no longer private. Artie and Max still had small, little-boy dicks, but
John's was a good size. Jimmy liked to look at John's endowment, but he did
it discreetly. He didn't want the others to know that the sight of
near-naked boys turned him on.

At about that same time, a young man was paddling his kayak along the river
,just as he did everyday. His routine was to paddle up-river until he felt
he had had a good workout, then he would enjoy the gentle ride back with
the current. The young man was Colin Kanatashi, a student from the nearby
university who held several records for kayaking and sculling. The handsome
22-year-old Japanese-American student spent so much time in his sport that
his arms and chest had become extraordinarily muscular, though his waist
and legs were quite average. Colin lived for his sport and loved what the
exercise had done for his body.

Colin had just paddled round a sweeping curve in the river when we saw the
boys playing in the water and on the river bank at the small clearing.

"Well well," he said out loud to himself as he changed his course toward
them, "who do we have there?" As he paddled in their direction, he said to
himself again, "Please, please, be cute young boys. I want to see cute
young boys." And moving ever nearer, he saw that his plea was
answered. Colin could now see that they were indeed four young boys playing
and swimming in their underwear. "Oh my god, oh my god," he whispered,
"they're fucking gorgeous. So smooth and gorgeous." He felt a twinge in his
lycra-clad crotch. Colin had a thing for young boys, especially boys who
were wearing very little as these boys were.

"Hey, guys, what's up?" Colin said when he reached them.

"Just swimming and stuff," replied John, answering for the group. The boys
stood together as Colin climbed off his kayak and stood in knee-deep
water. He was wearing a pair of black lycra shorts that were so sheer they
looked like they had been painted on. The thin fabric was form-fitting and
easily showed off the shape and size of his assets.

"That's cool. It's a great day to be swimming with your friends. Is it okay
if I stop here and relax with you guys for a while? I'm getting pretty hot
paddling my kayak." Colin splashed water onto his face.

"Sure," answered John again, "no problem." They all walked through the
water toward the riverbank as Colin pulled his kayak toward the bank. Artie
and John walked on one side, Max and Jimmy on the other.

They introduced themselves, and Colin learned that Artie and Max were
twins. "No way!" said Colin when they told him that the boys were twins. "I
don't believe it. Come here, guys," he said, bringing the boys together
side by side so he could look closely. His hands were on their shoulders,
held there longer than was probably necessary. "Well, shit, I would never
have guessed. That's very cool. Twins." His hands slid down the boys chests
and pulled away only just before they got to the waistband of their wet
underwear. He used the opportunity to check out the boys' small bulges.

After some time of lounging around on the soft grass, they all went
swimming again. The boys frolicked together, enjoying their new
companion. Colin picked up the boys one by one�all except Jimmy who didn't
know how to swim�and threw them into the water. The boys loved it. He
wrestled with them, hugged them, stroked them. They probably thought the
touching was accidental, all part of playing around, but there was nothing
accidental about it. Colin took advantage of every opportunity to touch the
boys whenever and wherever he could; and in the process, he excited
himself. His cock had stiffened inside the wet lycra shorts, though the
boys were having too much fun to notice. He loved this feeling.

After about an hour, Colin climbed back onto his kayak, thanked them for
the fun time together, and said goodbye. He paddled back down river toward
town. The boys then got dressed and rode back to town.

The next day, Artie, Max and John were busy the whole day at a family
reunion. Jimmy felt at loose ends. He watched TV for a while, then played a
couple of video games. But he couldn't stop thinking about Colin. He wasn't
sure why, but he kept seeing Colin in his mind's eye, with his very
handsome physique. And Jimmy wasn't sure why he popped an erection every
time he thought about the revealing shorts Colin had worn the day
before. Jimmy decided to ride his bike back to the river, in a way to
relive the fun of the day before.

The ride to the river was again hot and dusty and tiring. Jimmy slipped off
his clothes and waded out into the cool, slow-moving water. When the water
was above his knees, he knelt down so that it washed up over his
underwear. The sensation was thrilling. He pulled water up onto his chest
and his shoulders. He stood up again and delighted in his erect cock
pressing against the front of his briefs.

Jimmy had already been at the river for more than 30 minutes when he heard
his name called from a distance. He looked in the direction of the sound
and saw Colin paddling toward him. "Hey, handsome, how's it going?" said
Colin as he glided his kayak the last few yards.

Jimmy smiled and looked down in a feeling of embarrassment. "I don't think
I'm so handsome," he said.

"Oh, yes you are, Jimmy," replied Colin as he stood up. He was wearing the
same lycra shorts, the shape of his manhood clearly visible. "I think
you're a hell of a sexy kid. Cute face and a great body." Colin put his
hand on Jimmy's shoulder and on his back as they walked together toward the
bank where Colin left his kayak. Jimmy liked Colin's touch.

"C'mon kid. Let's go for a swim. I'm hot." Colin gave Jimmy a light smack
on his ass, then turned and ran out into the river again. Arching his body,
Colin made a shallow, almost splashless dive.

"Let's swim to the other side," called Colin when he had surfaced.

" can't. I can't swim," answered Jimmy with a tone of
embarrassment and disappointment. It crossed his mind briefly that maybe
Colin wouldn't want to be his friend anymore if he knew that he couldn't
swim. But Colin's answer made him feel better immediately.

"No problem," said Colin as he walked back to Jimmy. "Someday I'll teach
you how to swim, if you want. But for now, we'll just relax and enjoy the
cool water." Together they walked along the river, Colin's arm across
Jimmy's shoulders. Colin started a splashing contest. Great fountains of
water shot in all directions from both of them. Colin stopped suddenly and
grabbed Jimmy close, "I meant what I said, Jimmy. I think you're
handsome. And I think you're really sexy." His hand quickly brushed against
the front of Jimmy's briefs, then he turned and dived again, surfacing a
few yards away.

Jimmy stood there, shocked. His handsome new friend had just told him that
he, Jimmy, was sexy. He had never thought of himself as sexy. But now he
felt it. He felt great. No one had ever made him feel as good as he felt at
that moment.

Suddenly Jimmy felt something black and wet and soggy land on his
shoulder. When he picked it off, he recognized it immediately as Colin's
lycra shorts. Jimmy turned around to see Colin standing behind him, smiling
and naked. And in a flash, Colin turned to one side and dived into the
water. When he surfaced just a few feet away, only his head above the
surface, he smiled brightly.

"Would you like your first swimming lesson now?" asked Colin. He stood up
fully but the water was just deep enough to keep his naked genitals from

"I don't know," said Jimmy shyly. "Maybe." He looked down at his own
briefs. Suddenly he felt embarrassed. Suddenly he didn't feel sexy anymore,
just a plain boring boy.

Colin waded into the shallow water toward Jimmy. As he approached, his
crotch became visible and for the first time Jimmy saw his friend's cock,
no longer hidden concealed in black shorts. It was only about 3 inches long
and fairly thin, but his balls were like chickens' eggs. His crotch is
beautiful, Jimmy thought, and it was completely devoid of hair, like his
own. He couldn't take his eyes off it.

"Well," said Colin, his hand on Jimmy's shoulder, "how about a naked
swimming lesson?"

Jimmy looked down again, embarrassed. If he took off his briefs, would
Colin still think he was cute and sexy? Or would he be disappointed and
lose interest in him? He desperately wanted to be naked with Colin, but he
was too shy to answer.

"It's okay if you don't want to get naked, Jimmy. Really. I like to swim
naked, and I was hoping you'd like to be naked with me."

Jimmy did. He really did want to be naked. So, sucking up his courage, he
took a deep breath and said "Okay," and pushed his briefs down to his

Colin's face was beaming. "Oh, Jimmy, you're incredibly sexy." Jimmy stood
now fully on display for his muscular friend. His 2-inch dick stood
straight out, partially stiffened from the excitement he was feeling
throughout his whole body. His small hairless balls were tucked up tightly
in his crotch. Almost involuntarily, Jimmy stroked his cock.

The two boys walked hand in hand back to the beached kayak and dropped
their wet garments. They walked together along the river, just as Jimmy had
done before Colin arrived, but it was so much more enjoyable now with a

"Would you like me to teach you how to swim?" offered Colin as they ambled
slowly through the knee-deep water. "I could teach you at the pool where I
train. It's the university pool, so anyone can use it."

Jimmy looked into Colin's eyes, smiled, and said, "Yeah, I'd like that a
lot." Colin put his arm around Jimmy's shoulders and gave him a loving
hug. "But I guess they wouldn't be naked lessons, would they?" said Jimmy
with a wry smile.

Colin laughed. "No, not naked lessons. Unfortunately, we'd have to wear
swim suits. But don't worry, I know you'll look pretty damn sexy in a swim
suit too." He picked up Jimmy under the arms, and Jimmy wrapped his legs
around Colin's waist. Colin gave him a passionate kiss on the lips before
hugging him tightly.

They found a shallow area where they could lie comfortably in ankle-deep
water. Colin's hand explored the younger boy's smooth, soft body. He
massaged the small young ball sac and stroked the boy's growing cock. At
full stand, Jimmy's dick was 4 inches. Colin's own cock had become
painfully hard, now 5 inches.

Colin began to stroke Jimmy's cock more vigorously. He slowed for a moment,
then pumped the meat rapidly. Jimmy was now breathing quickly, with shallow
breaths. Finally, Jimmy let out a long, low painful moan as he shot his cum
into Colin's hand, most of it dripping down, only to be carried away by the
flowing river. Colin licked up some of the remaining cum on his fingers,
then lay almost on top of Jimmy as he kissed the boy passionately again. He
ground his own stiff member against the boy's crotch, building the feeling
toward an impending ejaculation.

"Come here," said Colin as he directed the boy onto his hands and
knees. Colin positioned himself behind Jimmy. He spit into his hand, then
rubbed the spit onto his dick. He pressed his slippery dick against Jimmy's
asshole until he could feel it penetrating the opening. Jimmy gasped and
moaned, so Colin stopped for a moment. "You okay?" he asked. Jimmy nodded,
so Colin continued his penetration. Once in fully, he started to fuck
slowly, then more quickly. Soon he too was moaning as he felt his cum
rising. He knew he would blow his load very soon. The thought had just
barely crossed his mind when it happened. The spasms gripped him and he
fired five or six long shots of cum into Jimmy's ass. Colin had shot so
much cum, it was leaking out of the boy's ass and dripping into the
ever-flowing current.

Jimmy had never felt anything so wonderful as to have his ass filled with
hard meat and then with hot cum. The feel of a slippery cock inside him
was something he had never imagined experiencing. He wanted the cock to
stay there, to pump more cum into him, but all too quickly it was over and
Colin pulled his cock out.

Together they lay in the shallow water, in each other's arms. There was
nothing else in the universe. Just the two of them, there, at that moment,
a moment frozen in time. But alas, a moment that has to come to an end.

For another half hour, they walked around and played together, occasionally
stopping to give each other soft kisses. But then it was time to go. Colin
had to get back to the university for a practice session with his coach.
They knew, though, that they would meet up again someday soon for their
swimming lessons. Jimmy was already looking forward to that.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The Teacher

Reena is a 32 years old married woman. Her husband is an engineer in merchant navy and he comes home once for a month or two in a year. She is a school- teacher and also gives private tuitions in the evening to pass her time. She was sex-starved until last year and used to masturbate to satisfy her sexual desire.
Last year, She visited her friend (Nisha) of college days, who lives in Delhi. Nisha's husband is a doctor in UAE and she is a teacher like Reena. One day Reena accompanied Nisha to a ladies kitty-party where she was compelled to drink more than her usual capacity. When they reached home, Reena was not even able to stand properly. Nisha helped her reach the bedroom. She herself was little drunk but not as much as Reena. Reena flopped onto the bed without even removing her sandals.

When she woke up after an hour or so, Reena was stillintoxicated. She got up to change since she was still in her party clothes and high heels. But before that Reena heard sound coming from Nisha's room. Reena peeked inside to find Nisha on the bed with her 29 years old servant, Ramesh. She was shocked but she felt excited too as Reena did not have had sex for months. Her choot became wet. Reena returned to her room and started masturbating.

She was just about to climax when Nisha walked into the room. She sat on the edge of the bed and caressed Reena's boobs. "Oh, your breast so nice, Rina. It's so hard and your nipple stand up. Rina, you're turning on, aren't you? If you like I have something to help you." Nisha said with a naughty smile.".
She called in Ramesh. His eyes widened as he saw Reena in a state of undress.

Nisha asked Ramesh. Her language further excited Reena. Nisha took hold of Ramesh's lund and by the flick of her palm made him come alive. Reena was too hot and drunk to refuse. Her heart was beating at the thought of what she was about to do.

Spreading her legs, Ramesh positioned himself between them, rubbing his lund along her choot. "MMMMM," Reena moaned, stretching her arms up above her head. Ramesh leaned in, pushing his lund all the way into her, as he took one of her nipples into his mouth. Reena reached down, grabbing his muscular ass as he ground into her. He nibbled at her tits and ran his hand up her body. Splaying her legs wide, Ramesh continued to fuck Reena as he laid on top of her.

Reena closed her eyes and accepted his fucking with wanton lust. He was pushing her legs wide as his thick lund slid in and out of her choot. Then, grabbing her by the ankles, Ramesh forced her legs up by her head. It hurt slightly, but Reena didn't even care. Reena had a hard lund in her choot and that's all that mattered.

Reena moaned. "Oh, Nisha. It's so nice. I've never tasted like this for a years, Nisha. And now you're giving me to have a happiness of my life. Thank you, Nisha.. T hat's so kind of you, MMMM..uuuh.ouh..yyy.yesss.nice...AAHH..OH myGot..I'm cuming again, Nisha..from time to time....what's nice you gave me,myGot....AAAHHH...again and again...!!!"

Ramesh obeyed, slamming his hips into her. Reena was surprised at her own words,but dismissed it, realizing that she was a little intoxicated. When he reached his climax, Reena became so wild that she passed out and didn't regain consciousness until morning.

The next morning, when Reena got up, Nisha came to her and they talked about previous night and her problem of sex starvation. Nisha said: "You are too much till when will you suppress your sexual desires for being a faithful wife. If our husbands don't care about us due to their lust for money, why should we care?!"

Nisha said convincing Reena: "See Reena, sex is as basic a need as food and water, and as natural as breathing.These male-chauvinist husbands will go to prostitutes to satisfy their lust in absence of wives and will then expect wives to be faithful and pious." "Reena... you are so beautiful and sexy that any man's cock you wish would become your slave…. Enjoy while you are still sexy and youthful…. Look at me… I don't miss even a single opportunity to fuck. So many of my students in school feel grateful after fucking me." She said. "Why don't you also seduce one of your students."

Nisha's lecture changed Reena's views altogether. Reena wondered why she had never thought of that before. Every moral and inhibition in her had melted away in the heat of her renewed passions.

Back home in Bombay, Reena began her search for prospective guys from among her students in school and those who took tuitions from her. Reena began putting on revealing dresses during tuitions at her home and in school too. She would wear low cut blouses and saris below her navel. Reena started cracking doublemeaning jokes while tutoring the students at her home. It was easier to seduce the students at home.

Moreover, they were older than the students in her class at school. Reena found herself attracted towards a boy, Ankit, who was gorgeous hunk of masculinity at age of 17. He gave her many sleepless nights. For nearly two weeks Reena did not make move. Every night she ended up drinking and masturbating while thinking about him. Reena would sit for hours puffing cigarettes and make different plans to seduce him. She wanted him but did not have courage till she finally decide to go by bolder route.

One day Reena told him to come alone on Sunday, as he required some extra coaching. She had chosen Sunday because it was an off for other students. But he said that he had to go for gym in afternoon on Sunday so that he would come directly from there in the evening. Reena waited for him nervously. What pretense would she use to seduce him? Reena poured out a couple of stiff measures of gins, knocked them neat, and lit a cigarette. As the alcohol climbed, she felt warm under the collar and her hesitation was gone.

There was a knock at the door. Reena exhaled a lungful of smoke and ground the rest of the cigarette under her sandal before letting him in. She felt at least a decade younger as Reena watched him clad only in running shorts and T-shirt. Seeing that she was dressing in fancy salwar-suit with high-heeled sandals and nice make-up, Ankit hesitated.

"I'm sorry, Miss," he said. His eyes fixed on the jutting swell of her full rounded breasts, which were almost exposed through the low neckline of her salwar. Then he continued: "I didn't mean to come here while you were going out somewhere." "No, you just come in time. I was just thinking about you" Reena said, smiling as sweetly as she could. Despite Ankit's obvious wide-eyed wonderment, she was certain of the brassy glint of sexual interest in his eyes. "Would you like something to drink, Ankit?…thumsup, 7up ?"

Reena could see that his cock had ballooned in his shorts ... and was getting larger even as she looked at it.
"What's the matter? You look like I'm going to eat you, Ankit!?" Reena said in a throaty, sultry voice.

Deliberately she let her gaze fall once again to the crotch of his shorts, and Reena couldn't help smiling as she saw Ankit squirm in embarrassment under her blatant scrutiny of the long, hard bulge that was straining the material of his shorts. Reena knew that he was in an agony of confusion and frustration. Reena purred huskily. The red-faced boy wordlessly shook his head. The torment he was experiencing apparent in his expression.
"Whatever are you thinking about to have that happen to you." Reena said in a mock reproof, pointing towards his bulge.

"Miss, I…I…" he stuttered, "I'm sorry". "It doesn't meter. I know what it is, too" she whispered to his ear.
"Your penis is very, very hard, isn't it?." His expressions showed that he was too overwhelmed to speak, but Reena didn't give him a little bit time to explained it, as Reena then said:
"Don't worry, Ankit, don't hesitated, be patient, wait for some minutes, I'll helping you to realize whatever you are thinking about. What have you dream it must be to become realization soon. Promise, I'm going to help you, dear. You want to learn and to taste something else from me, aren't you?" Reena force to him.
Ankit didn't understand yet what Reena's said so far, he was only silent in a thousand words and though it's possible because miss Reena had drunk too much and however she's a teacher.of him. Until then Reena told to him: "So, don't wasting time, please stand up leave of the seat and come with me here." Reena take his hand walking toward into the Rina's bed room.

In that closed room what's happened it must be happen. That was the first time experience for Reena where she was doing in her home with her young boy, herself student, to satisfy a fire in her heart of her desire woman that had waited along time for making a plan like that day and it's success completely... Further more, next day again and next Sunday doing again, it must be, at least, tree times during one week.... to pass her natural desire (we wouldn't say about some other of students which she has ate), as long as there was not her husband in their home. Reena is now always happy every day either at home or in her class shool beside her planning and performance has been running well until now.

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Viva Hot Babes Gone Wild Video

The Viva Hot Babes just launched their newest video entitled Viva Hot Babes Gone Wild. Watch the video clip after the jump.